Canola Honey

Our Pure Mountain canola honey is a pure natural honey produced from the highlands to the drylands of Laikipia. Harvested on farms practicing Conservation Agriculture. The bees are an essential part of
production for the farmer’s crops whilst giving us delicious honey.

It is the canola plant that gives our canola honey a raw distinct mild flavor.

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Our Recipes

20 Minutes

5 People

Pure Mountain Healthy Coconut Mandazi

50 Minutes

6 People

Pure Mountain White Pea Burger

15 Minutes

3 People

Pure Mountain Lupin Githeri

15 Minutes

3 People

Pure Mountain Lupin & Mince Curry

Pure Mountain White Peas and Nyamabite soup

Pure Mountain Lupin snacks

Avocado kachumbari with Pure Mountain Balsamic Salad Dressing

Pure Mountain Split Green Pea Curry

5 Minutes

Pure Mountain Creamy Coconut Butter Chickpeas & Peas

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