Sunflower Honey

Our raw sunflower honey comes from bees that pollinate our sunflower fields. It has a sweet, rich, smooth flavour with floral undertones making it delicious on its own or paired with other foods.

Sunflower honey is a great natural healer, it offers a nourishing and
cleansing effect making it a great addition to a natural mask or any other natural remedies

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Our Recipes

20 Minutes

5 People

Pure Mountain Healthy Coconut Mandazi

50 Minutes

6 People

Pure Mountain White Pea Burger

15 Minutes

3 People

Pure Mountain Lupin Githeri

15 Minutes

3 People

Pure Mountain Lupin & Mince Curry

Pure Mountain White Peas and Nyamabite soup

Pure Mountain Lupin snacks

Avocado kachumbari with Pure Mountain Balsamic Salad Dressing

Pure Mountain Split Green Pea Curry

5 Minutes

Pure Mountain Creamy Coconut Butter Chickpeas & Peas

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