Our Story

O u r P u r p o s e

Pure Mountain exists to maximize farming potential through innovation, aiming to change the future of farming and food production. Our objectives include sustaining a growing, healthy population, enhancing sustainable food production conscious of farming’s future, promoting a thriving farming community for economic growth, and enhancing local food production in Africa and the region. When you choose Pure Mountain, you’re choosing purposefully grown food that empowers farming communities and consumers, transforming farming from the ground up. Experience the difference sustainable agriculture makes in the taste of Pure Mountain products—pure, flavorful, and aligned with our commitment to a better future for both you and the planet.

H e a l t h y F o r P l a n e t , H e a l t h y F o r Y o u

When you choose Pure Mountain, you’re choosing food that’s purposefully pure. Grown in a way that supports the environment. Not only nourishing your body but also committed to making a positive impact on the world.

U n c o n v e n t i o n a l P r o b l e m S o l v i n g

Whether it’s in finding new ways of farming in unfavorable conditions, or in finding new ideas that change our view of what we eat, we are always finding ways of mitigating ever evolving challenges. We introduce new products that change the range of what we consider food. Expanding the horizon for both farmers and consumers alike.

P i o n e e r i n g S u s t a i n a b l e F a r m i n g

We are fully homegrown. Using resources, knowledge and ideas that have been horned over time. We aspire to make a difference across the entire farming and food production value chain. Ethical and environmentally friendly processes maintain value of land for farmers while growing them economically.